For your convenience we are now accepting Pawn Renewal payments and Layaway payments via. Interac e-Transfer (Email Money Transfer).

To pay by Interac e-Transfer, you will need to access online or mobile banking through a participating financial institution. It is a simple, convenient and secure way to send and receive money directly from one bank account to another.




                                                1- PLEASE SEND PAYMENT TO: (EXACT INTEREST CHARGE ONLY PLEASE)

                                                2- INCLUDE FULL NAME

                                                3- PASSWORD NOT NEEDED: Auto deposit is active.

                                                4INCLUDE TICKET NUMBER In the message box.


- Must include the FULL NAME and TICKET NUMBER(S) located on the Pawn Ticket(s) you are renewing.

- The payment must equal the Finance Charge located on your Pawn Ticket(s)

 and cannot be less than.
- Pawn tickets for your renewed items can be picked up in person upon request.

- Upon payment, please record your confirmation number and or printout for reference.

- Renewals will be extended 30 days from the Pawn Ticket due date. PLEASE NOTE:  if the item is overdue you may have to include a double payment to bring your contract up to date, but recommend calling to assure your Pawn is still active..

- You may not receive a  confirmation email but please do not worry as the payment is automatically deposited and applied on or by the next business day.

Click on participating financial institutions:

Bank of Montreal
Credit Union Central of Canada
National Bank
RBC Royal Bank
TD Canada Trust

See the full list here.

Find out more about interac e-transfer CLICK HERE.

Pawns / Collateral Loans

Pawnshops such as ours can serve a valuable role in providing short-term loans to customers with something of value to offer as collateral. In contrast to a bank or Payday Loan, there’s no credit check or investigation into your income. Instead, the amount you can borrow depends on the value of your collateral.

Loan Procedure (6 steps) :

All items must be clean & presentable. All serial numbers must be intact & legible.

We reserve the right to refuse any articles.

  1. Bring in your personal item that will be used for collateral.

  2. Let us how much money you need to borrow.

  3. We will assess your item and discuss the allowable amount for your collateral loan. 

  4. Present valid, government-issued photo ID. Must be 18 years of age.

  5. Sign the required document.

  6. Collect your cash and you're done.

  7. Finally, we label and carefully store your item where it's safe.

  8. It is that easy, about 5 minutes and you on your way...


Terms  click here for Privacy Page

The Loan Term interest is paid for one month (30 days). There is a 3 day grace period from the due date, which means we will still hold your items, but a late fee will apply.

We require current photo identification, preferably a BC driver’s license, provincial government ID card, or a Canadian Passport with the current address.  Other types of ID may, or may not be accepted.

Reminder, it is illegal to pawn items that you don’t have a clear ownership title. Items purchased on-time payments, or conditional sales agreements are not "pawnable" until paid in full.

All pawn tickets are bearer receipts.  If one is lost or stolen, please notify us in person so that we can protect your goods.  After this notification, you can only pick-up your items with government-issued, valid, picture ID, the pawn ticket will no longer be valid for pick-up.  We may not respond to a telephone request!

If you require more than 30 days, you have the option to renew the Pawn by paying the interest.  Once a Pawn payment has been made, we will issue a new pawn ticket and will be valid for another 30 days from the original contract date. (If you renew your contract and do not have your original pawn ticket, you will not get a new one without showing government-issued, valid, picture ID.

If you are unable to pay the interest charges on or before the due date, on request, we may hold the item(s) for a maximum of 7 days past the Pawn due date as printed on the Pawn Ticket. Nuway Deals retains the right to deny such a request. In the event of a loan default, we may sell the item(s), if available, back to the person who pawned it **Please call for arrangements.


Suggested items for loan



(Based on gold weight, size, quality, and quantity of stones, if any.

  • Gold, Jewellery (damaged or in need of repair or any condition )

  • Pocket watches (High-end)

  • Wrist watches (High end only. Rolex, Omega. Citizen +. Mens and should have retail box)

  • Platinum

  • Diamonds

  • Gold / Silver Coins  


  • Home  Amplifiers, Receivers, Bluray Players (name brand). 

  • Video Game systems and games (bring all hookups)

  • LED, LCD TV's, Portable TV (Must have remote and built in stand)

  • LCD, LED or Plazma televisions

  • Home Speakers (no old woodgrain styles, major brand name only)

  • Bookshelf Stereo (must have remote)

  • Bluetooth Portable Speakers (Must have charger)

  • Home Subwoofer and Surround Sound System

  • TV/VCR Combos, or TV/DVD Combo

  • Apple iPods, iPads, Tablets including Android, Cell Phones

  • Blueray Player/Recorder (must have remote)

  • Desktop Computer (Minimum Windows 8 native machines, Windows 10) 

  • Laptop Computer (Windows 8 native or newer)

Musical Instruments and Equipment

  • Acoustic, Electric, and Bass Guitars

  • P.A. Head/ Combo

  • Speaker Cabinet (modern only) 

  • Guitar Amps 

  • Guitar Pedals, Effects Pedals

Cameras and Accessories (In excellent condition, only in accepted brands)

  • Newer Digital Camcorder (With battery, charger, adapter, RCA in/out chords, and accepted brand names only)

  • High-End Digital, Digital SLR Cameras, Brands such as: Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Olympus, Fujifilm 

Digital Cameras (Minimum 18 MP and have all accessories)

Sporting Goods

  • Pool Cue (With a case, top brands only)

  • Hunting/Buck Knife

Tools (North American brands only) No low-end brands EG: King, American Tool, Jobmate or equivalent

  • Electric Hand Tools:  Sander, Grinder, Router, Jigsaw, Sawzall, Screwgun/Drill

  • Hand Tools -Socket/Wrench Set (Must be complete and a name brand)

  • No misc. tool bins or boxes full miscellaneous sockets and wrenches. Kits only.

  • Air Compressor ( selected Air Tools )

  • Table Saw (fold-up portable only)

  • Chop Saw gas or electric

  • Miter Saw

  • Generators - Honda, Yamaha and Echo and more

  • Chainsaws gas or cordless (Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo and only)

  • Pressure Washers (Honda Commercial Gas Only)


  • CD’s (No Scratches or Explicit lyrics, No Classical, Opera, or Rap)

  • DVD, Blu-ray Movies (Cannot Be Scratched)

  • Video Games and systems -some classic and current models 

  • Almost anything of value, we may take and highly recommend you call 604-795-9959 for info.                                                                                                                                                                                       

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