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Pawn Payments
  • Make Pawn renewal payments and layaway payments online.

  • Please take a moment and read the steps provided below.

Please, if you are having any problem using this service call 604-795-9959 during our regular business hours.


We understand that your items are important to you. For your convenience, we accept pawn renewal and layaway payments via—Interac e-Transfer. (Email Money Transfer).

  • To pay by Interac e-Transfer, you will need to access online or mobile banking through a participating financial institution.

  • It is a simple, convenient and secure way to send money directly from your bank account.

INTERAC e-Transfer


  • If you have made a full Pawn payment (Principle + Interest) the pawned item must be picked up within 24HRS of payment date, late charges may apply. 


  • Once logged into your bank, please include your full name.

  • Enter the Pawn Ticket number into the comments box.

  • The payment must equal the Finance charge located on your Pawn Ticket(s) and cannot be less than.

  • Upon payment, please record your confirmation number and or printout for reference.

What Next?

  • Locate participating Finacial Institutions - click the yellow INTERAC logo. ​

  • Renewals, once paid, will be extended 30 days from the Pawn Ticket due date.

  • PLEASE NOTE:  if the item is overdue, you may need to include a double payment. Doing this will bring your contract up to date; we do recommend calling us to assure your Pawn is still active.




  • Once you make the payment, you may not receive a  confirmation email, but please do not worry, the payment is automatically deposited and applied to your Loan. This will be done on or by the next business day.

  • Thank you.

e-Transfer Nuway
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