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Nuway Deals is today's Pawn Shop, a business that demonstrates integrity in its products and services while offering unparalleled customer service. Our vision is to set new standards for this historic Pawn Shop Industry and turn the negative stereotype on its head.

We have been proudly serving Chilliwack for over18 years.

We maintain high ethics and integrity through hard work and dedication; we have become Chilliwack's favourite local pawn shop.


Today's Pawn Shop has it all, quality merchandise at outstanding prices.  Product warranties, customer service, enjoy a clean and organized store, to name a few key points here is some of what we offer:

  • Buy, sell and trade quality new and previously owned merchandise.

  • Highly secure and confidential collateral loans.

  • Customer satisfaction is our number one mission.

  • Courteous well-trained staff, in turn- next-level customer service.

  • Professional CD, DVD, CD-ROM, and all game CD resurfacing, get those damaged disks playing again.

  • In house product warranties, item defective? Return it, and we will either repair it or give an in-store credit or, at our discretion, a full cash refund—details in-store.

  • 90 days, no interest purchase Layaway plan.

  • Everyday low prices and great deals, open to bulk discounts.

  • DVD movies, box sets, Blu-ray and all Video Games are guaranteed.

  • Hands-on initial training and support for your new purchase.

  • All stock is internally and/or externally cleaned for that "new look."

  • All Jewellery has been cleaned, buffed and sanitized.

  • We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Debit. (sales only)  

Some Pawn Broker History

  As humanity's oldest financial institution, pawnbroking carries on a tradition with a rich history. Pawnbroking can be traced back at least 3,000 years to ancient China and in Greek and Roman civilizations' earliest written accounts. During the Middle Ages, specific usury laws imposed by the Church prohibited the charging of interest on loans, limiting pawnbroking to people who had religious beliefs outside of the Church. Out of economic necessity, pawnshops also made a resurgence in later years because of ongoing problems in the banking system.
  The House of The Lombards operated pawnshops throughout Europe. They even counted royalty, such as King Edward III of England, among their clientele during the 14th century. The symbol of the Lombards' operations were the three gold balls that remain the trademark of pawnshops. Pawnbrokers, also known as collateral loan brokers, make loans based purely on the collateral's intrinsic value. Checking the customer's credit history is unnecessary because the value of the item to be pawned is based on the article pledged, not the person. If the loan, or at least the interest, is not paid off during the specified term (usually one or two months), the item is forfeited and may be sold by the broker. 
  A typical transaction begins with a potential borrower coming into a pawnshop with the item they want to pledge. The pawnbroker then determines how much to loan the patron for the item. Loans are paid out at a rate of about one-third to one-half of the price the broker can expect to receive for the sale of a good during the worst of times, assures that a profit will be made. 
  Pawning has long been a source of capital for people in times of need and a means of financing business ventures. It is interesting to note that when Christopher Columbus approached pawnbrokers. Today, statutory regulations of banking and finance are based on the legal foundation established by pawnbrokers. Many of the first leaders in the banking industry had roots in pawnbroking. As was the case 3,000 years ago, pawnshops continue to be a source of available credit for individuals in need of a short-term loan.