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Privacy Policy:

 Nuway Deals has created this privacy policy because we respect our customers and want to ensure that personal information is handled responsibly.


For cash loans/Pawns, we collect:

  • Your full name, current home address, phone number, government-issued ID card numbers and gender.

  • Detailed information (serial numbers, model etc.) on your personal effects pawned or sold.

  • All information is recorded for our pawn database for accounting and police reporting as required by the city of Chilliwack.

  • Information on any client will NOT be given to anyone by phone, mail or other means.


For online sales, we collect:

  • Your name, email, address, phone number, and credit card number when you place an order.

  • Your billing information and shipping address when you check out.

  • When you check out, we may ask you for information about your favourite brands. You have the option not to provide us with this information.


How do we use your information?

  • All information we receive will be entered into our Point Of Sale database for accounting and police reporting purposes only.                                             


Pawn /Loan Terms: 

  • The Loan Term interest is paid for one month (30 days). There is a three-day grace period from the due date, which means we will still hold your items, but a late fee may be applied.

  • We require current photo identification, preferably a BC Driver's License, local government ID card, or a Canadian Passport with your current address. Other types of ID may or may not be accepted.

  • Reminder, it is illegal to pawn items that you do not have a clear ownership title. Items purchased on-time payments, or conditional sales agreements are not "pawnable" until paid in full.

  • All items will remain in storage throughout the loan and will not be tampered with.

  • All pawn tickets are bearer receipts. If one is lost or stolen, please notify us in person to protect your goods. After this notification, you can only pick up your items with a government-issued, valid picture ID; the pawn ticket will no longer be valid for pick-up. We may not respond to a telephone request!

  • If all interest payments are current and up to date, you may renew the loan for another month. If a loan is not redeemed, renewed, or defaulted, it will become Nuway Deals' property. Once a Pawn payment has been made, along with any late charges, we will issue a new pawn ticket, and the loan will be valid for another 30 days from the original contract date. (If you renew your contract and do not have your original pawn ticket, we will not print a new one for you) Without the need for a government-issued, valid picture ID.

  • We care about our customers and their valuables; if you cannot make a timely payment on your loan, please call us ahead of time to discuss options that may be available. If you cannot pay the interest charges on or before the due date, we may hold the item(s) for three days past the Pawn due date as printed on the Pawn Ticket. Nuway Deals retains the right to deny such a request. In case of a loan default, we may sell the item(s), if available, back to the person who pawned it **Please call for arrangements.


Terms of Use:

 This Web site is operated by Nuway Deals/ Formally named Nuway Pawn Broker. Change these terms of use as necessary.


We recommend using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome for optimized performance on our website.

When you access this Web site, you acknowledge that you will abide by these terms of use if you do not agree to these terms, exit this site now.

Everything on this site is copyrighted by Nuway Deals or by the original owners of the material. Permission is granted to electronically copy and print hard copies of pages on this website for personal, non-commercial purposes. Any other usage is not allowed without the written permission of Nuway Deals.

Nuway Deals will attempt to provide accurate information on this Web site but assumes no responsibility for accuracy. Nuway Deals reserves the right to change or correct the information on this site and the products offered through this site at any time.

This Web site may contain third-party links. Nuway Deals does not necessarily endorse the companies or contents of these linked sites. Nuway Deals is not responsible for the content of any linked sites.

Any information submitted or posted on this website will be deemed non-confidential. Personal data submitted to this website will be treated as outlined in our Privacy Statement.

For more information, please contact Tony Enns (604-795-9959) at

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